Finding pirate treasure is something that you will probably never be able to do...

Finding a prototype of the ill-fated collaboration of Sony's partnership with Nintendo to create a disc peripheral for the SNES dubbed as the Nintendo Playstation?

Now possible.

A gentleman recently was digging around and found this prototype game console! It was never know to exist, but there is video proof of the gaming console actually existing.

This story has been trending for about a week and still is! For a quick background for those who do not know...

Back in the early 1990's, Sony was working with Nintendo to create a disc based gaming peripheral for their Super Nintendo game console. Sega was already ahead of the game with their Sega CD peripheral. To go along with the trend of gaming going on a disc, Nintendo partnered with Sony to create something similar, and Sony dubbed it as the Playstation and it was meant to sit under the SNES and accept disc based games.

Sony announced this partnership at CES at their press conference and we excited to get to work! The following day though, Nintendo told their customers that they should ignore Sony as they would be working with Phillips instead. Sony was humiliated and PISSED at Nintendo. So they took their works and developed their own game console, you know it as the Playstation.

It was the biggest flub that Nintendo ever did! They basically created the console that eventually chewed them up and spit them out!

This thing could easily be worth over $30,000!

That's a nice find.

Chances are that you will never see this ever! However, you can purchase a Super Nintendo and/or Playstation at your local Gaming Warehouse! With 3 locations to serve you! Click their logo below for more information!




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