Its bad enough getting hit by one car but a second car also?

According to WOOD, unfortunately a Portage, Michigan, man was seriously injured Tuesday morning when attempting to cross the street on Sprinkle Road.

The 56-year-old pedestrian was waiting in the center lane to fully cross the street when a 65-year-old Kalamazoo man pulled out of a private driveway hitting the pedestrian.

The pedestrian then was thrown into the southbound lane where a 57-year-old Kalamazoo resident hit the many with a 2006 Chevy pickup.

The two drivers were uninjured but the pedestrian who was hit with both vehicles was taken to a hospital.

Sprinkle road was a mess with traffic while officers investigated the crash.

If you have any additional information regarding this case you are asked to contact Portage police at 269-329-4567.

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