Police were investigating a domestic violence complaint and discovered a West Michigan man poached nine trophy bucks.

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It is hard enough for a deer hunter to get one decent buck in Michigan legally, but a man from Decatur, Michigan, allegedly poached nine.

According to MLive, the Michigan State Police were called to investigate a domestic violence complaint on October 17. While the MSP was conducting their investigation they spotted several deer located in a barn where 33-year-old suspect Justin Ernst spends a lot of his time.

State police had to contact the Department of Natural Resources to investigate the property where the deer was found. The DNR discovered five 10 points, three 8 points, and one 9 point buck that was illegally taken.

When a state police trooper searched Ernst's truck, they discovered 2 shotguns, a crossbow, a bloody crossbow arrow, and a handheld spotlight.

This wasn't the first time Ernst had been caught illegally taking or possessing a whitetail deer. He had a prior conviction back in 2018.

It turned out that Ernst has a long history of committing crimes. He has been convicted of possession of methamphetamine, third-degree fleeing police, and third-offense operating while under the influence.

MLive reported this time around that Ernst has been charged with 9 counts of illegally taking game, 2 counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm, 2 counts of felony firearm, hunting with a revoked hunting license, and applying for a hunting license when ineligible. Plus he was arrested in connection with domestic violence. 

Ernst is looking at fines of around $60,000 and some serious jail time.

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