Stephen Peterson got a surprise when going out to his truck one recent morning.

A goat walked up to him, licking his fingers and hoping for food. Then, a llama appeared.

Peterson showed his excitement with some explicit exclamations.

He videotaped the pair trotting around for a few minutes, but is difficult to discern why they were roaming around a random parking lot.

Luckily for Peterson, the animals seem pretty tame – although for a moment they did close in on him as he backed away with the llama giving him a stare that meant business.

Once the pair figured out he did not have food, they lost interest and started scrounging the surrounding area. The llama gave one last look of disgust before taking his goat companion and walking away.

We are uncertain if it was boredom or the fleas, but these two were obviously itching for some adventures!

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