S***'s gotten pretty real.  All the kids killing and attacking other kids over the whole Slenderman myth was kind of freaky and WTF.  But this story is way freaking over the top!

A guy in England was so "irrationally opposed" to leaving his home after it was repossessed, that he took a chainsaw to a head.


It was apparently, "carefully thought through".  WTF?  Really?  Couldn't you have come up with a less crazy-ass way to kill yourself, than to hack off your OWN HEAD WITH A CHAINSAW?!

"In the 15 years I have been sitting as a deputy coroner, this is the most bizarre case I can recall," Mr Burge said.

via The Independent

The guy really thought it through, though...mounting the chainsaw so that it "facilitated his suicide".  Meaning, he didn't just grab it a swing for his head, he actually set it up so that it would keep running, and keep the chain going so he could hack his head completely off.

No half-measures for this guy.  He must have really loved that apartment.

Surprisingly, he had a history of mental illness, and previous suicide attempts.

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