Tuesday morning police arrested a man at a Muskegon Township home in connection with an attempted abduction that occurred in April.

The man's identity has not yet been revealed, as he has not yet been charged with a crime. He is, however, being housed at the Muskegon County Jail, according to WZZM-13.

Sheriff Dean Roesler confirmed to WZZM-13 that the arrest is in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl back in April.

The teen had been going home when she became lost around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 16. She said a silver minivan stopped and the male driver offered to let her use his cell phone.

When the girl got into the vehicle, the driver started to drive away.

The girl asked to be let out, but the driver locked the doors and continued driving. She was eventually able to unlock the door and escape from the moving vehicle.

The Norton Shores Police Department is aware of today's arrest because of possible connections to the Jessica Heeringa case. The van that was used in this attempted abduction is similar to a van that was seen at the gas station the night of Jessica Heeringa's disappearance.

The vehicle is currently being searched at a secure location, but a neighbor told WZZM-13 that they recall the van being searched back in 2013 when Heeringa disappeared.

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