Who knew an argument over cigarettes could lead to murder?

According to WOOD, a man in Muskegon Heights Michigan is now behind bars after being accused of killing his wife after an argument over bringing cigarettes into the house.

46-year-old Vashon Flowers has been charged with murder after shooting his wife Sunday morning around 6:40 a.m. Muskegon County Chief Assistant Prosecuter Tim Maat says Flowers is also charged as a habitual offender.

Apparently both Flowers and his wife agreed to give up smoking but the two got into a heated argument over him bringing some smokes home.

Once the fight peaked, Flowers packed his stuff and bailed but returned a few hours later and shot his wife 4 times in the chest.

Flowers was located a few hours after killing his wife in Muskegon and police said he had been drinking.

Flowers has quite the wrap sheet that begins in 1992 when he was convicted of misdemeanor aggravated assault. Also on the list of crimes are convictions involving assault with a dangerous weapon, drugs, weapons, resisting arrest and even an assault on a pregnant woman.


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