A mail carrier took the time to personally hand write and deliver graduation cards to a West Michigan community.

According to FOX 17, a mail carrier from the Dorr post office by the name of Elise went all out and surprised the young seniors of Hopkins High School by sending all the graduates cards since there won't be a full on normal graduation this year like in years past.

The coronavirus has changed how we do pretty much everything and its sad for seniors who were taught to study, get your diploma so you can go to college and then out into the world. Now those students who worked hard are deprived of that walk of with their cap and gown and the celebration of the next step in their lives.

Many area students were so lifted up and really touched by the cards brought by the mail carrier.

What is even more special, the mail carrier did not know the students, she did this out of the kindness of her heart.

I hope more people can learn from the mail carrier Elise, that just that simple thought and offer of appreciation can go a long way especially in a time that we are experiencing now.

Kudos to Elise and anyone who reaches out to put a smile on another human's face.

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