You can lower your insurance rate beginning this Thursday but it will be at your own risk.

When Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced last year that insurance rates would lower in July of 2020 that there would be a catch, especially with a Republican state Senate, and I was right.

Sure your rates can be lowered but its at your risk and not the insurance company really giving you a break and I'll explain the lower rates in a moment.

A real insurance drop would have been to lower the outrageous premiums that have been bestowed upon the citizens of Michigan for years but that didn't happen, why, because that would have actually have been the right thing to do, lower people's rates, not lower their coverage.

Once again we get the bait and switch. Hey look at me, I'm a politician, I lowered your insurance rates. No, you really didn't do a damn thing other than let Michigan citizens gamble that they don't get slammed by a drunk driver or a semi or any other accident where you get physically injured.

Sure you can lower your rates, but what insurance companies are doing is giving you choices of injury coverage. You can keep your high rates of insurance or you can lower the amount of medical coverage and your premium goes down. So once again, its the citizen that takes the risk and not the almighty insurance company.

The only real break is for senior citizens who have medicare, they can drop out completely and receive the benefit of lower insurance. So we got one little thing out this bull s_ _ _ deal.

The citizens of the state of Michigan should ban together in a class action lawsuit and sue the state and every single insurance company to actually lower our rates and not our risk.

Many people cannot afford these rates as it is and will probably take the chance to lower the medical coverage in order to save money. These same people probably don't have medical coverage or poor coverage at that. If they get into a serious auto accident this could ruin them, not just physically but financially. Especially if you require medical treatment, like major surgery or even worse a disability because of the accident.

Aside from seniors with medicare or people with really high end personal insurance, the only one really getting a break are the insurance companies. They won't have to pay the medical based on what size medical you have on your insurance, again you pay and really get nothing in return.

Insurance is supposed to help people when something goes wrong. Not just take people's money and never pay out.

Human life and well being should not be treated like a metal automobile and that is exactly what is going on here.

We as citizens should work to get no fault insurance on the ballot and vote it out as well demand new auto insurance reform. These insurance companies are just plain stealing from you and I and these politicians and taking that lobbying money from those insurance companies all the way to the bank leaving you and I...once again high and dry.

This needs to change.

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