A 29-year-old Lowell Michigan man will compete at the X Games next week in Aspen Colorado...and he will be the only quadriplegic in the competition.

According to WOOD, state and national champion dirt bike hill climber Danny Baird will be hitting the big stage at the X Games with a bike that is much different than the two wheeled bikes he rode in the past.

Baird has a custom bike and cage that allows him to ride and compete as a quadriplegic.

Baird said, "I compare it to riding a Harley Davidson Road King in the snow. It doesn't handle like a dirt bike.

You see sic years ago Baird was in an ATV crash with some friends and wasn't wearing a seat belt. He fell out and the ATV landed on him paralyzing him from the arm pits down.

Baird said, "I knew right away something was wrong. I couldn't feel anything."

Baird grew up racing dirt bikes, hill climbing, drag racing and full on Motorcross but now is in a wheel chair but has not stopped him from continuing his passion for riding.

Now that Baird is a quadriplegic, he has been practicing in Minnesota to prepare for the X Games.

Baird said, "Who doesn't dream about it? I used to watch it all the time as a little kid. I never once actually thought I'd be in it."

January 26th, the X Games will no longer be a dream for Baird, it will be reality. Go get'em Danny!


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