Another day, another scam going down, this one involving your personal information.

The Lowell Police Department have posted a warning to their Facebook page about a recent scam hitting area residents involving their computer habits and bitcoin.

Good morning internet crime fighters!!! Here’s a new interesting scam for you. An email is sent to your email account telling you to send $1000 in bitcoins to specific email address. If you don’t the sender claims they have put a virus on your computer and have screen shots , from your web cam, of you looking at “adult web sites”. Of course they claim that if you don’t send them the bitcoins with in 24 hours they will email the screen shots to your contacts from your email. They may send old information in the email including old passwords or possibly your cell phone number to convince you they are being truthful. The information they send you can be found on the internet. This is a scam! Do not send them money!

So be careful out there, young Jedi warriors!

Honestly, all my friends know me, and would not be shocked to see photos of me looking at internet porn. So this scam wouldn't get me, because I have no shame. That's helpful in today's America!

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