The summer is midway through practically, although it's only mid-July.

That's what we get for starting the season with Memorial Day instead of the official start of summer with the summer solstice.

Soon, Labor Day will be upon us here in West Michigan, which means a long, last weekend of summer and more time off for the rank and file.

To help be prepared for Labor Day falling early this year on Sept. 1, here's a list of federal, state, county, city and local closings:

  • All federal, state, county, city, village and township offices: closed.
  • State unemployment offices closed, but MARVIN will still be running.
  • U.S. Postal Service offices and branches: closed.
  • Public schools: closed; regular academic year for most schools starts Sept. 2.
  • Michigan state parks: open.
  • The Rapid: closed, no buses running.
Jupiter Images/ThinkStock
Jupiter Images/ThinkStock

Other holidays

And looking ahead for all you holiday lovers out there, here's where and when other holidays fall for the remainder of the year:

  • Veteran's Day -- Nov. 11, a Tuesday; the official federal holiday is Nov. 10, a Monday.
  • Thanksgiving -- Nov. 27, the fourth Thursday in November.
  • Christmas -- Dec. 25, a Thursday.
  • New Year's -- Jan. 1, 2015, a Thursday.

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