I have been trying to catch a few mice in my garage but found that these mice are pretty slick and I need a better trap.

Living in the country, you have to do a few things to keep bugs and mice out of the house each year. It's just part of country life.

As I was unpacking things in my garage and moving some items to and from the barn I found a few old mouse traps that seemed to work fine from what I remember.

I set those two traps up and I used peanut butter for my bait and the next morning they were licked clean. I was kind of in shock because I could barely set the traps down without them going off.

There is a Dollar Store not far from me, yes it's in the middle of nowhere but handy to be nearby at times. I picked up a few traps from there thinking these new ones might work better than the old ones I have.

I set up all four of them and those ones didn't seem as sensitive as the last ones I had set up. I noticed these new traps had an elongated piece of metal to put the bait on them and thought maybe if I smeared the peanut butter all over them it might work.

I checked the traps and once again, the mice or mouse was pretty crafty and licked all four traps clean. I was amazed that none of the traps went off.

My next stop will be to try and pick up some Victor EZ set mouse traps. I had used these at my last farm house and they worked better than any trap that I had ever used but I can't seem to find where I stashed them. So hopefully I can find these at a store on the way home, but if these don't work I may have to find something else.

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