WARNING! This is NOT a scam!

Fox 17 reports that there are several unclaimed $100 checks around the country, including in Michigan. ValPak provides print and digital advertising and coupons for businesses and they're the ones behind this. Coupon books were sent to homes and enclosed with some was a real $100 check!

West Michigan owner, Lia Jensen told Fox 17 that 36 checks were sent to different homes in the Grand Rapids area in 2017 but only eight were claimed. Jensen said that most people think this is a scam but she's out to let everyone know that it's real! It's part of a special promotion that ValPak does [across their 150 markets].

We have a lot of great advertisers in our envelope, and if you find an extra $100, maybe you can use that at one of our advertisers.

And there's no catch. You don't have to give up any information about yourself. Just cash that check and spend it how you wish!

According to the company's website, they've actually been giving out checks since 1988! Say what?! But now that you know this is legit, keep a lookout in your mailbox for these coupon books. Typically three (3) $100 checks are sent out every month. WZZM says that next set will be sent out April 7-10th.

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