The loneliest place on Earth happens to be located in Michigan, well just off the coast of Michigan.

Lake Superior is a very cold lake in the summer but in the winter it is deathly cold and happens to be the home of the Stannard Rock Lighthouse.

The Stannard Rock Lighthouse was originally built in 1883. There is a massive underwater reef where the lighthouse is located on top of that would be very dangerous for boats to pass if it were not for the lighthouse. Its basically built on an underwater mountain.

Stannard Rock Lighthouse is considered one of the top 10 engineering feats for the United States.

In the early days of Stannard Rock, there would be a lighthouse keeper that would live there to keep it operational but unlike other lighthouses of those time's, a keeper could not bring anyone to stay with them.

Can you imagine living buy yourself on a rock 24 miles away from the shoreline where all you might see other than water and an occasional seagal is a shipping boat passing by to avoid the area you are in?

Keepers were only allowed weeks on Stannard Rock at a time then another keeper would be rotated in. Although there was one man by the name of Louis Wilks who managed to stay 99 days straight on the rock and no other human has been able to do so since. Basically, this is pure isolation.

The U.S. Coast Guard took over managing the lighthouse in 1939 and it wasn't until 1962 that it was finally automated.

According to MLive, recently a Coast Guard helicopter airlifted a repair man and some equipment to Stannard Rock Lighthouse to check on the lighthouse equipment after a window had broken due to severe weather.

The repairman check all the equipment to make sure it was in working order and it was but the window will have to be repaired when it gets warmer and the ice is off the lighthouse. The window has been boarded up until spring.

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