A Grand Rapids Michigan swimmer to honor friend and raise money for breast cancer by swimming across Lake Huron.

According to WOOD, swimmer Amy Larson, who trains at East Grand Rapids High School, will take on the task of swimming 25 miles on Lake Huron July 26th to honor her friend and fellow triathlete Kim Rapp who was diagnosed with cancer.

Rapp, who was diagnosed at 42-years-old had a double mastectomy and hysterectomy in her fight to beat her breast cancer.

Larson is looking to raise $5,000 for her swim of Lake Huron that will be donated to the Betty Ford Breast Cancer Program. If you would like to help her in her quest, please donate here.

If you would like to attend a benefit dinner that will help raise money for the cause its June 13 in Grand Haven. Click here for all the details.

Just two days after Larson will complete her Lake Huron swim, Rapp will be back in competition for the her first Ironman since she was diagnosed with cancer.


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