Golfers looking for a new place to get your game on...well  a familiar club will be getting a re-do and golf legend Jack Nicklaus will help with redesign.

According to WOOD, Grand Haven Golf Club has now been renamed American Dunes Golf Club.

Major Dan Rooney, a professional golfer and veteran of the U.S. Air Force Reserve had the idea of redesigning the Grand Haven Golf Club and brought in Jack Nicklaus and his design to make a new experience with the American Dunes Golf Club.

Rooney said in a news release that the course is meant to be a, "tribute to the men and women of our military, a safe haven for veterans who find rehabilitation through the recreation of the game."

Nicklaus also stated in the release,

It had magnificent trees that had grown up over time, but is that really what this golf course is or should be with the dunes off the lake? What we are trying to do is create a golf course that will open up that feeling of coming off Lake Michigan, having the dunes, and then incorporating that into some of the inland areas that have the beautiful trees. The combination of the two, being able to play through and around exposed dunes as well as tree lined holes in some places, really creates a golf course that is rather unique.

American Dunes Golf Club opened on Memorial Day but continued improvements to the course will be made until the redesign is complete.

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