You've heard the term Roctober...well how about Cashtober? One area credit union is giving away free cash at ATM's in the region during October.

According to WOOD, the Community Choice Credit Union in Holland, Michigan, in an effort to spread kindness, are giving away $10,000.

If plan on hitting an ATM anytime soon you may want to hit the Community Choice Credit Union locations in Holland and Muskegon where $20 bills will be randomly replaced with $50 in a campaign they are calling #DriveKindness.

Community Choice Holland branch manager Rebecca Lamper said, "There's going to be lots of lucky people. The campaign is really to drive kindness, for people to give back. It's not something that we should see just during the holidays. It's something we should do all year."

The credit union also gave out $10 for lunch to employees to spend at local business's.

Lamper added, "Kindness is important because, in order for a good community to thrive, we need to be good to each other."

The cash at the ATM giveaway lasts until the $50s are gone so get out to the Holland and Muskegon branches of the Community Credit Credit Union and maybe you can score some money to spread some kindness in the region.

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