If you have ever been to downtown Cedar Springs, Mich., there is one place that really stands out and they just earned two medals at the New York International Beer Competition.

One of my favorite places to stop on the way home from work, especially after a long day at work, is Cedar Springs Brewing Company.

I like going there especially in the summer months, you have your choice of eating and enjoying a beer inside or outside on the patio.

I call it Cedar Springs' happy place because everyone who works there is really nice and most of the customers seem happy in all my experiences visiting the brewery.

Cedar Springs Brewery specializes in their Kuesterer beer but they also make their own vodka as well. They have a great menu of food to choose from that pairs up with an ice cold beer very nicely.

According to MLive, the founder of the International Beverage Competition Series said, "we're the only international beer competition where all the judges are real trade buyers who are judging the beer by category and actual price."

This event is a great opportunity for breweries because the judges are from New York Area liquor stores, restaurants, hotels and more. This is a great opportunity for a local Michigan brewery to get their product in front of people that could help further expand the breweries reach.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company wound up scoring a bronze medal for their Kuesterer Original Weißbier and an individual award for Michigan Weiss Brewery of the Year.

Other Michigan breweries that took home awards were HomeGrown Brewing Co. in Oxford, North Peak Brewing Company in Traverse City and Third Monk Brewing Company in South Lyon.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company were part of 600 beers from more than 14 countries around the world that participated in the event.

If you ever want a great German beer with some great food, pop into Cedar Springs Brewing Company downtown Cedar Springs. If you want to learn more about their beer, talk to the brewery's owner Dave Ringler, I've never met anyone more passionate about the beer he brews. Plus he has some great stories from Germany where he learned the art of brewing.

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