The worst thing that could happen to a local band, happened to a band based out of Holland, Michigan.

According to WOOD, a metal band that is from Holland, Don the Pariah, were doing a show in Detroit last weekend and while they were staying in a hotel after the gig, someone stole their SUV and the trailer filled with all their gear.

Don the Pariah's bass guitarist, Michael Garcia told WOOD-TV, "Everything. Everything we had. Plus all our merch. We had T-shirts, sweaters, CDs. I went to the front desk. I said, 'Hey, did you tow my vehicle?' They said if there was any tows in their parking lot, we would have known about it."

Unfortunately the band parked the SUV no where near one of the hotel surveillance cameras. One surveillance camera did catch a vehicle coming into the hotel parking lot then leaving with the SUV and band trailer following the vehicle a few minutes later.

Due to the band not having any insurance on their gear they have set up a GoFundMe page to try and recover their losses.

Detroit Police are in search of the truck, trailer and gear.


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