If you love to bird watch, the state of Michigan are in need of volunteers to keep an eye on ospreys.

According to WOOD, ospreys were struggling for quite some time in Michigan but beginning to make a comeback and that is why officials need your help.

Osprey love to eat fish and because of pesticides like DDT there had been a decline in the number of birds.

2009 ospreys were removed from the endangered list since being reintroduced into the state of Michigan.

The Department of Natural Resources along with help from the Detroit Zoo are looking at getting volunteers to take on an "adopt a nest" program. Several groups already monitor nests across southeastern Michigan and need the initiative to grow to other regions of the state.

Adopting a nest is not to demanding, DNR wildlife biologist Julie Oakes says you only need to swing by a nest for only 30 minutes 3 times between the end of March up to early July. The DNR are looking to answer questions like, are the birds nesting and are the chicks in the nest and how many.

Contact your local DNR office to get involved in training opportunities.

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