Thank goodness Grand Haven Michigan has added life preservers to the Grand Haven pier because it along with good Samaritans save a teenagers life this past weekend.

According to WOOD, Mavrick Cotten was visiting the Grand Haven State Park on Saturday and was walking the pier around 10 p.m. when he heard people yelling for a life ring.

Cotten saw someone in the water who was struggling trying to swim so he saw the life ring and threw it out to the 17-year-old boy from Kent County.

Unfortunately the throw was not long enough and bystanders had to untangle the rope that was attached to the life preserver so they had to just throw the whole thing in so the teen could grab on.

Cotten and his cousin both hopped in the water and were able to pull the teen to safety using the life ring.

Just before this summer kicked off, the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety added 14 life rings to the pier and beach. Police are still looking to add more safety equipment to the area.


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