The recent lettuce stomping episode at a fast food joint only reinforced my staunch stance against eating at poorly run fast food joints.  My phobia began last year when after a late night, work.  I decided to stop by my local fast food restaurant and destroy some munchie cravings.  Upon pulling up to the window I discovered employees of the establishment chucking handfuls of food at each other.

"Sorry man we're just having too much fun here tonight" stated a young pimply faced kid who looked like he hadn't bathed for days and spit when he talked.  Another dirty face then appeared at the window exclaiming "WE'VE GONE MAD".  Yep, dumb and dumber, that's who I want handling my food.  Without giving it a second thought I quickly drove off.

It was after this incident that I began to really scrutinize the employees who prepare and serve my food.  Do they REALLY care about my dining experience?  Is freshness of product and sanitized conditions a real priority for them?  I wish I could be that naive and think it is - but I'm forced to think they won't do anymore than they have to because the pay sucks, the job sucks, and the shift sucks.

They say ignorance IS bliss. DAMN! I wish I was still ignorant.