So Sunday we spring forward for Daylight Saving time, which it used to be that you had to set all your clocks forward or back, depending on the time of year, but now, your phone, iPad, work computer and refrigerator all do it itself.

Ok so blah blah blah, real thing I wanted to talk about was there are 7 states that have created and passed legislation that would eliminate the yearly time change, according to USA Today; but back in 2007, President Bush changed the law, adjusting the dates to the second weekend of March for the start of DST and first weekend of November to end it. As well saying states could participate or not in the time change but they aren’t allowed to officially follow through until Congress gives the go-ahead and so far there’s no big move to make that happen; other than President Trump tweeting last year that he’d be cool with staying in Daylight Saving Time.

I think instead of 7states, well 8 when you count Arizona that doesn’t change, not changing their clocks when everyone else does, we should all just stay on DST. I mean doing just a few states here and there would kind of like being in Indiana between South Bend and Michigan City, where you never really know if you’re on time or not.

“Your time, or my time?” Are we on the same time? What time does your clock say?” 

So confusing. The time zones would be a mess. Although it being daylight later year-round, meaning it wouldn’t get dark until 6:30ish in the winter here in Michigan, and that would be nice. 

The flipside of it being daylight longer year-round is the complaint from opponents of staying in Daylight Saving Time.  Sunrise would come so much later so kids would end up going to school in the dark because it would be after 8 am when the sun, or brightly-lit cloud cover, came out during the winter months.

I’m more of a night owl and I don't have kids, so darker mornings and more light into the evening all year sounds great for me!  Let’s get this changed.

Until then, just remember you lose an hour of sleep Sunday, so don’t be mad if you sleep in until 11 am. You didn’t sleep the day away, because yesterday this would have only been 10 am, at least you made up for that lost hour.

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