Why do people throw their trash out in the woods on state and federal land?

I live not far from an ATV trail that goes through the national forest and I am surprised at how much trash gets thrown out.

My son and I were riding through some trails and the little guy says, "why do people throw their trash out here?" I told him I don't know son, I guess they just don't respect mother nature.

Well apparently the trash really bothered my little guy and he comes up with the idea, "hey, why don't we pick some of the trash up each time we ride through here and maybe by the end of the summer there won't be any left." Now remember, this kid is just turned seven years old.

I told my son, you know, you are a pretty smart young man. So we went back to the house and grabbed a garbage bag and came back to the trails.

There are hunters that camp during the deer season and most of those camp sites were cleaned up. There are some people who just randomly camp back in those woods during the summer and for some reason they tend to leave the most garbage behind.

There are even a few spots where people have dumped work scraps back in the woods and I just don't understand it.

Well anyway, my son and I scooped up a bag of garbage just from two different areas but it was so worth it when my son said, "Dad, doesn't this just look so much better?" I was so proud at that moment realizing my son really understood the beauty of our Michigan woods and that fact that he too respects what mother nature is offering us.

Perhaps the next time you walk off into the woods, maybe grab a garbage bag or a used shopping bag and take it with you into the woods, so if you see anything that doesn't belong, you can bag it up and throw away so the next time you visit those woods, it was better than the last time.

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