You would think with all the money college sports makes, that some of that money would make its way to the players right?

According to WOOD, with a billion dollars coming in for college basketball and networks and colleges getting all of it, it seems like the fair thing to do would get some of that money to the players.

North Carolina congressman Mark Walker feels it is unfair and is now putting together legislation would allow college athletes to get paid for the use of their names and photographs.

Walker said, "I believe in free markets. I think that is what makes America great."

The congressman said rather than the colleges pay the athletes, he suggested that outside companies provide money to the students. Not sure if this includes all the players but its a start.

NCAA rules state that the student athletes can receive scholarships but lose those if they sign endorsement deals. The bill Walker is trying to get through congress to provide income to top players.

A sports management professor at George Washington University, Lisa Delpy Neirotti says this kind of outside money has the potential to lead to corruption. Look at all the corruption that has gone on without added money brought into the sports.

Neirotti does believe the payment or benefits should be strictly tied to education because anything else would be distracting like photo shoots, commercials and autograph signings. Players are already on a tough schedule trying to compete and keep their grades at a high level to be eligible.

Some who support the bill like that is provides a new lane of opportunity for students while opponents of the bill say only a few players would benefit from this type of structure.

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