Well if you have been wondering how many extra days your kids will have to go to school this year...this might help determine that number.

According to WZZM, our legislative branch in Lansing Michigan have been working on the number of the snow days that schools had this year and how many days will be forgiven since there were more snow days than usual due to snow and or cold temperatures.

Michigan government has decided that four days will be forgiven and won't have to be made up at the end of the school year. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to sign off on the legislation.

The bill was approved in the the Michigan Senate Thursday with a unanimous vote.

The days the Senate approved fall between January 29 through February 1 and those will not count as snow days. These days were those when we had the arctic freeze conditions which shut down schools.

There has been a huge debate in the Senate between Democrats and Republicans regarding how to pay hourly school workers and that had been holding up the snow day legislation. On Thursday, the two parties finally came to an agreement so now the snow day bill will go into effect for this calendar year.

According to Michigan state law, the state forgives districts from making up six days canceled for emergencies and then schools have to get a waiver for up to three additional days. Many school districts across the state have already reached or even exceeded the nine snow days that are allotted.

Hopefully the new bill helps the students in West Michigan so they don't have to extend their school year through the month of June.

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