The Olympics have been pretty wardrobe-malfunction-free so far this year, which is very disappointing to all of us, I'm sure.  We were inches away from a nip-slip, but so far, no full-frontal.

Until now.

Beautiful Lesbian...I mean Lebanese ski champion Jacky Chamoun did a photo shoot for a calendar a few years ago.  This is pretty cool, but the best part is that the NSFW behind-the-scenes video from the shoot came out, and she's pretty full-frontal in it!

She's in Sochi now, representing Lebanon in the Winter Olympics, and under a government investigation to make sure this video doesn't "hurt Lebanon's reputation".

Dear Lord, if you want Lebanon to have a great reputation, make sure MORE videos like these are released upon the world!  How many people, when asked about Lebanon, immediately say, "They've got a lot of hot chicks there"?


Do yourself a favor, Lebanon: Make Jacky Chamoun your international ambassador, and have her bring her friends, too.

But not that one tagalong that's for the know what I'm talking about.