So far, the Winter Olympics in Sochi have been pretty odd.

From doors that won't let competitors escape their bathrooms or elevators, to the odd suggestions of where to put the Russian food!

What we haven't had, so far, are "wardrobe malfunctions".  Which, if you're like me, is the only real reason to watch women skating around in tight clothes, right?

Well, we got close!  

For some reason, after finishing her 3,000-meter race in long-track speedskating, Russia's Olga Graf decided to unzip her racing, um, thing she was wearing.  

Everyone held their breath as she started to wave and celebrate her run, and then everyone released their breath when she remembered she wasn't wearing anything underneath and zipped back up.

The night went downhill from there.

Olga Graf, my favorite Olympian so far this year (Photo: MStarz)
Even named Olga, I think I could love this woman! (Photo: MStarz)
Come on...wait a few more seconds...crap! (Photo: MStarz)