On Saturday night, I got to help host the National Comedy Showcase at Dr. Grin's for Gilda's LaughFest.

There were five touring comics and a great local comic who did a great job of keeping the laughter going.

LaughFest is a fantastic event, to help Gilda's Club offer their services to West Michigan, including emotional support and counseling to patients and families of patients with cancer. They make all their money from donations from individuals like you and me. Get more details on its website, and help support this great organization.

Local comic Adam Degi was the host for the evening, and did a great set to kick off the evening. If you haven't seen him, watch for him around town and go check him out. He's good!

Next up was Sheng Wang, from New York. The first touring comic up, he was seriously funny! He's been a part of the Comedians of Comedy tour, and had a half-hour special on Comedy Central.

Next up, Kyle Grooms kept the laughs going, and has probably one of the best President Barack Obama impersonations out there! He's a really funny guy, and has toured with P Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy and more.

Next was Dan Soder, who was my favorite comic of the night! This guy was so good, and had everyone dying with laughter during his set. He's on MTV's The Guy Code and has a half hour special on Comedy Central. Here's a clean set from Conan.

After Dan was Randy Liedtke, and I have to say, he was my least favorite comic of the night. His act just wasn't for me. Especially coming right after Soder.

The final comic for the night was Liza Treyger, from Chicago. She brought things back a bit after Randy, but after the first comics rocked as hard as they did, it was sort of a letdown. Maybe her routine just wasn't for me, either.

But that's the great thing about LaughFest. It has something to offer everyone. So, you can find comics you really love at pretty much every show!

All in all, it was a fun night of comedy as part of Laughfest, and I'm glad I got to go hang and enjoy some comedy! It was my first time doing the Laughfest thing, and it's something great to do, and it helps fund some amazing things Gilda's Club does.