I love the Amateur Comedy Showcases, not because they're non-stop hilarity, but because you never know what you're going to get!

Gilda's LaughFest hosts several amateur showcases every year during the festival, and I got check out a few and see some local and regional comics working hard on their sets.

LaughFest is great since it can offer a lot of these showcases, and introduce us to some people who might be really funny and could be big stars someday!

Sunday night at The B.O.B., I got to see another group of 13 comics hit the stage and try to make everyone laugh! There were ups and downs throughout the night, as you'd expect, but some really good parts in there!

Some of my favorites from the night were Russell Kelly, Katie Scott (who has a really fun song about the things rappers should buy their ladies), Paolo Busignani, Merry Clark and Gad Holland.

Everyone up there had some things they did really well, and the good thing is they'll keep getting better!

If you missed any of the amateur showcases, then try to catch them next year at LaughFest. You never know what gems you'll find there!

Sunday night's performers included:

  1. Tom Gammon
  2. Russel Kelly
  3. Joe Trebuchet
  4. Perry Mankin
  5. Merry Clark
  6. Jeffrey Michael
  7. Katie Scott
  8. Paolo Busignani
  9. Randy Hoekstra
  10. Brain Ewing
  11. Gad Holland
  12. Scott Wilding
  13. Corey Tucker

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