Labor Day weekend is the last big outdoor weekend of the year, but this one, feels a little different.

Labor Day weekend can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Normally, this would be the first weekend of college football. This is the weekend were Michigan and Michigan state fans would have a TV or radio somewhere to catch their game of choice.

Kids in Michigan usually head to their classrooms in the week leading up to Labor Day weekend. This year they did in some places, while other students opened up a computer for online classes.

There are normally parades scheduled all across the state. High School Marching bands providing the soundtrack for the parade, while families would get their chairs out and gather along the streets to watch the parade before heading off to the family barbeque.  I'm sure there will still be barbecues but my guess the attendance will be much smaller than normal.

Labor Day weekend for homeowners sometimes consist of the final hail mary of summer projects. I know I always have at least one project I didn't get done that I will try and pull off before the weekend is over.

This weekend is a big weekend for shutting down the cabins that sit on the water. Spend your last days on the lake or river. If its hot enough and the water is not to cold, it is always a great time to take that final swim for the summer.

I suspect there will be a lot of boats out on the water but time is ticking when it comes to the weather so enjoy it safely while it lasts.

I normally have a ton of plans all laid out for my son and I, we are gonna go here and here and there but not this year. Gonna stay close to home and away from large groups or even small groups of people.

A pandemic sure can alter the way we do things as a society. Also make us miss some things we can no longer do safely and appreciate the little things that still bring us joy in life no matter how small they may be.

No matter what your plan is this Labor Day weekend, please be safe, stay away from large groups, wear the mask, social distance and keep following the guidelines provided by scientists so hopefully next Labor Day will feel better than this one.


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