A Lakeview, Michigan, family who has 14 sons, just landed their own show called 14 Outdoorsmen.

14 kids is a lot, especially when they are all boys and will soon be coming to the MyOutdoorTV app.

According to FOX 17, Jay and Kateri Schwandt's have a farm in Lakeview where they live with their 14 sons.

The mother of the 14 boys, Kateri Schwand'ts said, "I'm completely outnumbered." You think? I have enough trouble taking care of my two boys but couldn't imagine trying to provide for 12 more.

Obviously with a name like 14 Outdoorsmen, the show will be taking place outside at their farm in Lakeview. The show is about hunting and all aspects of it. Here is a link to their facebook page to get a closer look.

14 Outdoorsmen will hit the MyOutdoorTV app in October of this year which is perfect timing since archery deer season and small game hunting will already be rolling.

FOX 17 spoke with Jay and Karen's son, 21-year-old Brandon Schwandt and he said, "a lot of times people are like, 'I wish like, can I just come over and hang out?' Just like see the little boys and stuff like that? And I guess we're gonna be sharing our experiences and our raw life with people that like ask that question, you know?"

The oldest son, Tyler Schwandt, will be filming the episodes and directing the family while trying to make sure he captures what the family is doing in a natural way. The episodes will be short ranging from 6 to 11 minutes long so they won't take long to watch.

Tyler said, "people always ask me like, 'How crazy it is growing up with such a large family?' We don't know anything different. And quite frankly, I wouldn't want to know anything different."

Looks the mom, Kateri, is expecting her 15th baby which should make for some fun TV. I wonder if she will have a girl this time...hmmm...14 kids, 14 boys, looks like the odds are in favor of a boy. I guess we all will have to tune in to find out.

Here is a link for the MyOutdoorTV website where you can learn more about 14 Outdoorsmen and other shows featured on their app.

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