After some of the records being broke for high water along the Michigan side Lake looks like the water rise has peaked and the water levels are finally starting slow down.

According to WOOD, the Lake Michigan water level forecast says the water level will finally plateau.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers do a weekly forecast to predict Lake Michigan's water levels and it looks like things will remain steady for about a month due to the warmer and drier weather moving into the region.

The Army Corps forecast said, "This last week, temperatures throughout the Great Lakes Basin climbed towards above average values for this time of year. Some minor rainfall was experienced last week, but in general dry weather returned to the region. Expect drier than average conditions to continue through the weekend."

Lake Michigan has been up over three inches this past month and has maintained near record highs since May.

Lake Erie will lower five inches over the next month and Lake Ontario is forecast to drop 10 whole inches.

Although Lake Superior has dropped an inch over the past month is should remain steady for the rest of the month.

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