Some of us in West Michigan have already received five to eight inches of snow but due to lake effect snow, some may get another six inches to a foot.

It was a slow drive home late Thursday night to Newaygo County but my little front wheel drive Chevy Impala did alright all things considered. I was surprised when I got home, no one had traveled down my road so I had to blast through the snow to get to my house, and that is when I realized just how much snow had fallen at my place.

I had already gotten six inches of snow and it was still coming down. I worked late so I got home late and was thinking of plowing my driveway but last weekend I had some plow issues and had to do some repairs.

By the time I finally got my winch put back together and had my plow back on my ATV it was midnight. I went outside and all my tracks from coming home were already covered with snow. It was still snowing hard and the wind was drifting I decided to wait until morning to plow.

I'm glad I waited because it snowed even more at my place but I only plowed the areas near my garage and my driveway. I left the other two thirds of driveway that wraps around the back of the barn.

My neighbor stopped by while I was plowing and informed me of the lake effect snow that was coming. He said I may have to plow again when I get home today.

I checked a few sites and from what I could tell, western parts of Kent County all the way to everyone who is on the lake shore will get anywhere from six inches to a foot more of snow this weekend.

Don't feel bad because our Upper Peninsula friends who live along Lake Superior are going to get pelted with two additional feet of snow. Ouch.

For the folks on the east side of Grand Rapids all the way to the Lansing area, you may see another two to four inches of powder.

So clear your snow as soon as you can and just know you will probably have to do it again before the weekend is over.

I have a feeling I will have to redo what I plowed this morning then hopefully do a late nighter and get the rest of the driveway that wraps around the barn.

If you own a snowmobile...looks like you are in for an excellent weekend.

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