Every day, people come up with amazing new ideas for people and technology.  Some things you don't want to get more information on, and some you just want to see video of it in action.

This is one of those second ones.

There's a project up on Kickstarter for the KGoal.  If it sounds a bit like kegel, that's intentional, since it's a device for women to help them exercise their...vagina.  Which is nice for them...but the best part of the video is about 2 minutes in, when they start talking about how "fun" it is to use, and that they're creating games for you to play with your vagina!

I can see it now:

MAN: What are you doing, babe?

WOMAN: Just playing games.

MAN: Cool, what are you playing?  Can I play?

WOMAN: I'm playing Vagina Tetris.  There's no multi-player on this, but if I switch to Vagina Halo...

MAN: Nevermind.

But, until the vagina games begin, women will be able to do super-fun kegels and watch their progress on their phone.  Yah, that sounds fun.  When does Vagina Resident Evil come out?  I want to watch someone play THAT!

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