For the 12th consecutive year, we tried to do our part to help out families in need this holiday season.

"The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" and WGRD asked for nominations from people who know someone that could use a little help around the holidays.

Then, with the help from our accomplices and the staff at WGRD and our "Free Beer & Hot Wings" affiliates, we broke into their homes while on the air and left gifts that are both fun and needed.

No notes were left. It was all done anonymously.

Our former intern, Kyle, has been a part of the Holiday Break-ins for years, but this was his first year getting to lead his own.

Free Beer & Hot Wings
Free Beer & Hot Wings

He gathered his team of holiday hoodlums and broke into a house to deliver some much-needed assistance for a family where the father had passed away unexpectedly over the summer.

Listen to the audio.

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