Everyone knows that the playground at a McDonald's is pretty much a germ factory already.  But for one New Hampshire location, it goes way further than that!

Recently, a woman took her five-year-old son to the local McDonald's for a quick meal.  While she was still eating, her son went into the playground area and was playing tag with another child.  When he emerged, his mother said that he was covered in human feces.  It turns out that the child he was playing tag with had a soiled diaper on and that it leaked out all over the slide and he slid through it.

Naturally, the mother wanted to clean her child off, but says that the bathrooms at the restaurant didn't have any soap in them.  When she asked the employees for paper towels, they just laughed at her, fought about who was going to clean up the mess and took a smoke break!

Her friend started to record the interaction when things got heated and the video was posted to social media, where it's been viewed thousands of times.  The mother said that all she wanted was a little help and an apology from employees, which she still has not gotten.

Boston 25 News

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