Keep an eye on the progress of the city in China, Wuhan, who has now lifted their lockdown. We as American's can learn a lot by watching from a far what happens to them moving forward.

According to WOOD, the epicenter of this global pandemic started in Wuhan, China. They were locked down for 76 days and are now able to reopen their city. I was shocked to learn they were allowed to leave their city and especially get on airplanes.

We here in West Michigan have not been locked down as long but started sooner than the people of Wuhan. We have a chance to study them from a far and see if reopening their city was the wise thing to do so early or not.

I believe we can also learn a lot from those affected by the coronavirus in Italy. They were hit extremely hard by the virus and again by watching from a far to see their progress.

We even have places in America we should pay close attention too like Washington State and New York City and learn from how they handled to virus and what steps they have made to improve the conditions for their residents.

Since you may be at home looking for things to do, it wouldn't hurt to look up local news sources in Wuhan, Italy, Washington State and New York City. The more we all know about what was done right and what was done wrong, the better we can protect ourselves with the decisions we make moving forward.


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