If you have not kayaked, tubed or just put a boat in on the Muskegon River, you are missing a great time and some great fishing.

My son and I usually open the summer and close the summer with a run down the Muskegon River by kayak.

We like to get the double kayak so we can fish and talk as we head down the river. Plus my son likes to cast more than paddle so having the double kayak works better.

There was a little rain early in the trip but that didn't slow down the fish from biting. First fish of the day was a real nice smallmouth bass. We caught a lot of smallmouth bass that day and turned some 3 and 4 pounders loose and lost one that was over 5 pounds.

My son and I are not fly fisherman, we just use spinner baits and they seem to work fine because we catch just about every species the river has to offer.

We caught some trout, a brown trout, some rock bass and plenty of smallies. I lost a pretty good pike but his razor sharp teeth were a little too much for my 6 pound test line but we got a real good look at him a couple times and it was a nice fight the fish won.

My son for some reason, has this tradition of giving his fish a little kiss before he releases them, I don't know why he does this because he sure didn't learn it from me. Lol.

It wasn't just the great fishing we experienced, but it was the piece and quiet, the view, the fresh air, the eagle that flew over us, and most importantly the great conversations we had along the way.

Its a great time going down the Muskegon River and if you have made the trip, you know what I'm talking about. There are plenty of places to rent tubes, kayaks and canoes and plenty of places to put your boat in the river.

Don't miss out on this Michigan treasure.

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