Court proceedings in Kalamazoo District Court were brought to a halt this morning after a sudden outburst from Jason Dalton. (Video of the outburst can be seen below.)

Tiana Carruthers, the first shooting victim from the night of February 20 was on the stand giving her testimony when Dalton started speaking loudly, seemingly spouting nonsense.

Judge Christopher Haenicke warned Dalton to remain quiet, telling him that if he needed to say anything, he needed to whisper it to his attorney.

When Carruthers began speaking again, Dalton once again spoke loudly. He was restrained by police officers and then dragged out of the courtroom.

Carruthers remained on the stand throughout the whole debacle, sobbing loudly.

Jason Dalton is charged with six counts of open murder and two counts of assault with intent to murder and weapons violations.

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