For those who haven't yet checked out the new series Wednesday, a take on the Addams Family lore, there seems to be a strange shout-out to Kalamazoo in the 7th episode of the series which is now streaming on Netflix. NME breaks down the scene and explains what the dialog was that has people scratching their heads:

During episode seven, ‘If You Don’t Woe Me By Now’, Wednesday receives a visit from her uncle Fester, played by Fred Armisen. At one point, Fester is reunited with Thing, the family’s pet disembodied hand, though Thing isn’t happy to see him.“You can’t still be mad about ‘The Kalamazoo Job’?” he says. “It wasn’t my fault. You said you could crack that safe in 30 seconds. Five minutes later we were still standing there. You’re all thumbs!” Thing then tries to strangle Fester before Wednesday calls it off.

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Just What IS The Kalamazoo Job?

NME spoke to Armisen and gave his understanding of the job:

That, to me, I interpreted as a robbery. A very high-end, thought-out group heist, I didn’t get the details as to what… I liked that it was, ‘who knows?’ But that’s how I saw it and I liked that it was Kalamazoo. It’s a small city in Michigan so I like the specificity of that, that it wasn’t just, you know, San Francisco.

Why Kalamazoo?

For the life of me, I haven't been able to find any local tie between the actors or the crew who worked on this show to West Michigan. It could just be that Kalamazoo is one of those city names that's memorable and fun to include in the dialogue. There's only one video of the clip on YouTube and it's from a reaction video, but you can see it below:

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