Michigan's Attorney General, Dana Nessel, sent a cease and desist letter to a Kalamazoo-based company after they've been accused by multiple people for not fulfilling orders.

Kalamazoo Screen Printing, LLC and Inspiring Clothing failed to make T-shirts totaling in almost $38,000. Even worse, the company was advertising that a portion of sales from the T-shirts would benefit cancer and suicide prevention charities. Per the press release from the AG office,

...though that allegedly was never the business owner’s intent.

The 20-year-old owner said he was overwhelmed by the demand and couldn't keep up with the orders. No only did he not fulfill orders but he also did not respond to customers requests for a refund when they didn't receive their product.

But wait, it doesn't end there. The man was posing was a woman named "Becky" -- "a fashion obsessed" mother of two boys-- and used a stock photo of a woman and a baby on the site.

In a statement from Nessel she said it doesn't matter what the age of the owner is, businesses who make false claims such as this, will not be tolerated and "have no place in Michigan."

The Better Business Bureau of West Michigan also sent out a notice in regards to the company and Inspiring Clothing currently has an "F" grade from the BBB. When the BBB reached out to the company after receiving over 100 complaints, they claimed that there were no outstanding orders left. However, they failed to show proof of that. The owner also claimed they did donate portions to the charities, as advertised on Facebook, but also provided no proof.

In the ratings section, several people left a 1-star rating all complaining they never received an order and were never refunded. Complaints go back to March of this year.

The Attorney General's office continued receiving complaints in August which resulted in the cease and desist letter this week. A formal investigation is possible or the company can choose to settle outside of a court. According to the letter, the company has until September 15 to contact the AG's office to see what actions will be taken moving forward.

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