There is a bar in Kalamazoo that over a dozen women say their drinks were drugged and protesters are demanding it remain closed.

We should be happy that bars have been able to re-open even at limited capacity because it is a start on humans being able to socialize once again and enjoy the company of others. The last thing any of us who like to go out is to have someone ruin it for the rest of us.

According to WOOD, the Y Bar and Bistro that is near Western Michigan University campus is under investigation because of allegations from over a dozen women who say their drinks were drugged while they were at the bar.

There could be multiple variables that investigators will have to look at from a possible Y Bar employee, to someone attending the bar and spiking women's drinks.

There are plenty of testimonial videos on TikTok where women stated they were drugged while visiting the Y Bar.

Wood reported that Grace Van Overberghe  went to the Y Bar with a large group of friends and said, "we all only received drinks from one person the entire night."

All of the women that were in Overberghe's group were tested and a variety of drugs were found in their systems like opioids, tranquilizers and Xanax which none of them took on their own.

Women have been protesting in front of the bar and they all want something done about this. People should be able to go out and enjoy a night with friends and have a few drinks without having to worry about someone drugging them.

This kind of thing is more common than people may think. I have played in bands in clubs and casinos for years and never heard of such a thing until the last couple of years. I know at least a half dozen girls that say this has happened to them. One girl I know, it happened to her twice and she is not a big drinker and it happened in two different locations.

Hopefully this kind of thing gets resolved sooner rather than later because any woman she be able to go with her friends and not have to worry about if someone is putting something in their drink.

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