Today on Segment 16, the guys check out the qualifications of a guy running for political office. Justin found some guy's flyer laying out his attributes, and is really excited to vote for him.

Wayman Britt is running for office. The office of Controller/Administrator. We're not sure what that even means, but he really needs your vote to clinch the election. Here's what he put on his flyer, the reasons why you should vote for him.

  1. Good at chatting.
  2. Have a penis.
  3. Don't know s*** about county government, even though I've been here for ten years.
  4. Over 30 years of experience being the token black guy/athlete in West Michigan.

Wayman was named "Interim County Administrator and Controller" for Kent County beginning July 1st. He's worked as the Assistant Country Administrator and Controller since 2004.

Is this really his flyer, and his qualifications, or some kind of crazy smear campaign?

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