I’m not usually the one to share parenting advice, mostly because I’m not a parent AND as an uncle, I'm usually the one who does the “wrong” things with “kids that age”.

But I came across an interesting article talking about how kids get scared at Halloween and a quick, inexpensive way to calm their nightmares.

As well all know, younger kids scare really easily, and sometimes we can't quite get them to understand that the scary costumes, commercials and movies, and other decorations they are seeing is just fantasy and not real.

Well, I came across a video of  Theresa Kruczek, a counseling psychology professor at Ball State University, suggested making an anti-monster spray for your preschoolers during Halloween.  It's super easy to do - actually you probably already have it at home.

Basically, it’s air freshener that you make out to be “Monster Spray” with the idea of, “monsters hate the good smelling stuff!”

"Preschool children and those in early elementary school often have a difficult time with Halloween," she says. "Children this age often struggle with separating fantasy from reality and a result they may get confused and think the scary elements of Halloween are real.”


See super easy idea to get your kids to sleep in their own room.  Or to make good on something stupid their well-intentioned uncle did to make it where they can't sleep.

I feel like, at 9-years-old, it may be too late to use the “monster spray” on my oldest nephew, but I maybe I can right some wrongs with the 5-year-olds.







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