I feel like a lot of guys I know have man-crushes on James Franco. Well, now I have the perfect Christmas gift for them:

The James Franco 2015 Selfie Calendar. It's a real thing.

Franco announced the news via instagram:


James Franco 2015 selfie calendar in @papermagazine

Une photo publiée par James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) le

The calendar, which can be found in the latest issue of Paper magazine (yes, the same people who brought you Kim K's oiled-up, naked rear end) features 32 pages and more than 100 Franco selfies.

Welcome to the world of Franco. Sometimes he's shirtless. Sometimes he's cuddling dogs. Sometimes he has a mustache.

Plus, learn some fun facts about Franco: his favorite food is spaghetti, he loves cats, his favorite movie is Taxi Driver and his favorite hobby is reading.

The calendar also includes a personal note from Franco to his fans.

"Dear Friends and Family, I am so grateful for the community that has been created. I love that artistic and creative people are now able to find each other and not live lives of lonely, brooding isolation. I [heart] all of you. Keep shining."

Just the perfect gift for Franco fans. Or the perfect WTF white elephant gift. Either way.

Check out the full calendar online here!

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