It only took about 20 minutes for a jury to acquit a Michigan man who was accused of beating his daughter with bacon.

The technical charge faced was third-degree child abuse, which stemmed from an alleged incident on January 10.

Jonathan A. Powell's 11-year-old daughter claimed that on the morning of Saturday, January 10, she entered the kitchen where her father was making breakfast. She alleged that he then hit her on the head with frozen bacon, knocking her over an open dishwasher door.

Powell's daughter testified that after she had been knocked down, her father proceeded to beat her with his hands, elbows, and forearms, reports.

Powell took the stand and said that he never laid hands on his daughter, claiming that he had backed her up with the bacon in his hand and she had accidentally tripped over the dishwasher, hitting her head as she landed.

Powell's defense attorney claimed during that trial that the story was fabricated and that the allegations stemmed from a custody battle between Powell and the girl's mother.

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