While Joss Stone isn't the sort of singer one would expect to be the next frontwoman of Stone Temple Pilots, she earned the chance to prove her worth last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And although the soul singer may have just appeared for this one performance, the band name-Joss Stone Temple Pilots-does have a certain ring to it.

Joss Stone Temple Pilots performed last night as part of Jimmy Kimmel's "Mash-Up Mondays," where Stone took lead vocals on STP's classic "Interstate Love Song." The group turned their performance into a great compromise between STP and Stone's genres, slowing the song down and allowing room for Stone's style to shine. While she may not be the next Scott Weiland, she's certainly a better fit than Chester Bennington ever was.

Check out the full performance of Joss Stone Temple Pilots' version of "Interstate Love Song" below!