I can only cover so much on my shift at 'GRD on the weekends; and I could honestly chat for hours about video games, metal, movies, media, and a random array of stuff.

So, what do I do? Shove it into a podcast! I am now involved in a brand new podcast titled "The SNaCk!"

So what the H is The SNaCk?

It's an uncensored podcast featuring three guys that chat about all the nerd stuff you love!

Anything from gaming, concerts, local Grand Rapids stuff, music, movies, etc! You will find it all with us at "The SNaCk!"

Grab a bag o' chips and chow with The SNaCk! (Note: SNaCk is S(am)N(Ned)aC(Craig)k)

Check out every new podcast here! BOOKMARK IT SON! (Podcast is most likely NSFW)

Meet your hosts:

Metalhead Ned
Sam M.
Craig K.